Sunday, 23 July 2017

Sew over it - Silk Cami

Hello my lovelies, I'm so sorry for the break in posts, I've been feeling unwell for the last week or so. I had planned in 3 posts over the last 2 weeks but non of them materialised. Believe it or not I've felt really run down, I think a lot of it is psychological but it has brought out my famous cold-sores. Great!! Urrrgghhh!! 

Anyway onto something more fun than that...I've managed to complete another of my Make 9 items, well I actually made this a couple of weeks ago and have since made another. But here is my journey.

I've seen quite a few people on Instagram making the Sew over it, Silk cami, so I thought I'd give it a go too. I love the retro images on the pattern packet. Its the type of top I love to throw on with a pair of trousers or jeans and pair with a cardi.

I had bought this beautiful panel of Italian designed, silk backed crepe a while before I bought the pattern. So I was living in hope that I would be able to squeeze a top out of it. I managed to cut the main front and back pieces out of it but had to cut the facings out of some plain white crepe. But to be honest that was better, otherwise you would have seen the pattern of the fabric on the facings through the outer garment which I didn't like.

The pattern is really simple, a front piece, a back piece, front facing and back facing. I always like to use a high lighter to mark out the size I want to cut out and because this was my first attempt I decided to trace off the pattern rather than cut it. I made the 12 based on the finished garment sizes due to my bust lol, I didn't want the 10 to be crushing them.

It was a little nerve wracking cutting out the beautiful fabric, it was a little slippery so I decided it would help if I pinned it to the carpet first, that worked a treat.

I cut it so that the blue panel on the fabric was at the bottom of the top, obviously lining up the grain line correctly too. It didn't take too long to sew together, the pattern calls for french seams at the sides. I haven't sewn a french seam since I was at college and had honestly forgotten how beautiful they are once finished. I had a little trouble with the hem stretching out slightly but this was corrected with a little bit of steam pressing. 

And here it is all finished, I must show you a photo of it on it looks gorgeous with jeans and a dress jacket. I actually wore it out on Friday night when we went out for dinner with my Dad.

It wouldn't finished off properly if it didn't have one of my labels sewn inside now would it. 

I can happily tick that one off my list now, already planning my next make :D

thanks for reading....

Emma xxx

Friday, 7 July 2017


Hello my lovelies, another post on a Friday?!?! Well I just had to come and tell you (if you didnt already know) that I am trying to de-stash all of my cotton fabrics that I have accumulated in the time I made bags.

I really need to get rid of it all to make room for my dressmaking fabrics, I just don't have the room to store it all and it makes more sense that it would go to someone who would make something beautiful out of it. 

If you are interested in any of them, please leave a comment on this post of which numbers you would like and your email address (if you are comfortable posting it here, if not email me : and I will work out postage for you.

Sizes and prices (extremely low) will be in the text below the photo. Any questions please just shout me make room! If you could let your other crafty friends know I'd really appreciate it.

Top Fabric - No.1 : £2.50 
Dimentions: 58cm x 110cm

Bottom Fabric - No.2 : £3.50
Dimentions : 180cm x 110cm

Top Fabric - No.3 : £3.00 
Dimentions: 100cm x 110cm

**SOLD** Bottom Fabric - No.4 : £2.50
Dimentions : 55cm x 110cm

Top Fabric - No.5 : £3.00 
Dimentions: 90cm x 110cm

Bottom Fabric - No.6 : £2.50
Dimentions : 56cm x 110cm

**SOLD** Top Fabric - No.7 : £2.00
Dimentions: 90cm x 62cm

Bottom Fabric - No.8 : £2.00
Dimentions : 57cm x 80cm

Fabric No.9 : £2.00
Dimentions: 40cm x 110cm

Fabric No.10 : £2.75
Dimentions: 70cm x 110cm

Top Fabric - No.11 : £2.50
Dimentions: 49cm x 110cm

Bottom Fabric - No.12 : £2.75
Dimentions : 65cm x 108cm

Top Fabric - No.13 : £2.50
Dimentions: 46cm x 110cm

Bottom Fabric - No.14: £2.50
Dimentions : 52cm x 110cm

Top Fabric - No.15 : £3.00
Dimentions: 92cm x 110cm

Bottom Fabric - No.16 : £2.75
Dimentions : 60cm x 110cm

Fabric No.17: £1.00
Dimentions: 45cm x 53cm

Top Fabric - No.18 : £1.00
Dimentions: 45cm x 45cm

**SOLD** Bottom Fabric - No.19 : 75p
Dimentions: 65cm x 20cm 

Fabric No.20 : £1.00
Dimentions: 47cm x 53cm 

**SOLD** Top Fabric - No.21 : £2.00
Dimentions: 92cm x 45cm

Bottom Fabric - No.22 : £3.00
Dimentions: 87cm x 94cm

Top Fabric - No.23 : £1.50
Dimentions: 60cm x 48cm

Bottom Fabric - No.24 : 75p
Dimentions: 24cm x 70cm 

Top Fabric  - No.25 : £1.50
Dimentions: 33cm x 90cm

** SOLD** Bottom Fabric - No.26 : £2.00
Dimentions: 90cm x 52cm

**SOLD** Top Fabric - No.27 : £1.00
Dimentions: 27cm x 89cm

Bottom Fabric - No.28 : £2.00
Dimentions: 90cm x 53cm 

Fabric No.29 : £2.00
Dimentions: 36cm x 110cm

Fabric No.30 : £3.00
Dimentions : 106cm x 110cm

Fabric No. 31 : 3.00 
Dimentions: 100cm x 83cm

**SOLD** Fabric No.32 : £1.00 
Dimentions: 44cm x 59cm

Fabric No.33 : £2.75 
Dimentions: 60cm x 108cm

Fabric No.34 : £3.00
Dimensions : 130cm x 110cm

Fabric No.35 : £3.00 
Dimentions: 100cm x 110cm

Fabric No.36 : £2.00 
Dimentions: 37cm x 110cm

Fabric No.37 : £2.75 
Dimentions: 69cm x 82cm

Fabric No.38 : £1.00
Dimentions : 50cm x 44cm

**SOLD** Fabric No.39 : £2.00
Dimentions: 72cm x 52cm

**SOLD** Fabric No.40 : £1.50
Dimentions: 45cm x 82cm

**SOLD** Fabric No.41 : £2.50
Dimentions : 47cm x 110cm

Fabric No.42 : £2.00 
Dimentions: 40cm x 110cm

If you managed to make it to the end of my post thank you :D

Please, please, please help me de-stash....

Emma xxx

PJ shorts

Hello my lovelies, wow I cant believe another week has passed already. Well they do say that time flies when you're having fun don't they! 

To say that I am having fun is a huge understatement. Is it silly to say that I think I was put on this earth to sew? I know it sounds totally ridiculous, but when I am sewing and making things I am totally and utterly contented. Its a very long time since I have felt like this. and I am trying everything in my power to be able to work it so that I can find a job that I can do that will give me the freedom to focus on sewing. Mission impossible!! I choose to accept the mission :D

I have so many things to show and tell you, but I'm going to start with a shorts version of the PJ bottoms that I made. I had quite a lot of the fabric left so I thought it would make sense to make a shorts version. Looking back now I should have gone with my gut instinct and amended the PJ pattern to make a shorts version. Now let me explain what I did do....

I downloaded a free pattern from Craftsy, I cut out a medium as that is what the measurements said I should cut. But when they were sewn together they were absolutely massive and I mean ridiculously!!! You could have gotten myself and my other half in them :D

I ended up unpicking them, re-cutting them as an extra small (which I have to add I am not lol) adding a facing to the waistband and re-sewing the whole lot back together. It should have only taken me about an hour to make these but I think it ended up being about 3 hours in total. They are really simple to make (when you have a pattern that bloody fits) and don't take much fabric. I spent most of the time faffing around with the pattern rather than sewing but I suppose I learned some valuable lessons, including adapting a pattern to my measurements.

They fit perfectly and I love them.

Next on the list to show you.....the 'Sew over it' - Silk Cami

Emma xxx  

Friday, 30 June 2017

Tailors Ham and sausage - make your own

Hello again my lovelies, ooops looks like I've gone over a week without popping by to write a post. This time I can actually say its because I have been so busy enjoying myself that I just didn't realise that its Friday already!! But I did promise myself that I would write more about where my new adventures were taking me so here I am with 'what I did next' :D

So with all this garment making I fully intend to carry out, I have been looking for sewing gadgets/tools that I would need (well not need but want of course) to complete my projects. The first thing on my list was a Tailors Ham and Sausage (tee hee! that still makes me laugh every time I say it, it just sounds so ridiculous but so fitting). After doing the usual and Googling them, I found two types. The first, totally practical, would do the job no doubt....but they were boring black and red tartan (not my thing) round about £6-9. The second, right up my street made out of funky fabrics, bright colourful, interesting, fun....problem - most sets were about £50+!!! 

Really!!!!! Now I know better than most that you should never undermine someones work...EVER....and I know what blood, sweat and floods of tears can go into a handmade item, I've been there and bare the scars. dont judge me on this! Please....

I just could not justify (not only that I do not have £50+ to be spending on them for starters) paying this amount for something that looked relatively simple. I am in no way putting anyone's craftman/womanship down, I couldn't sell a bloody complex, detailed handbag for that so I know that pain very well! 

My mind was made up, I decided I was going to make my own

So I found a free pattern on Craftsy, downloaded it, had it printed out and I was on my way. I chose this gorgeous sheep patterned fabric that I have had lying around in my stash for ages. It wasn't quite big enough for most projects but I couldn't bare to part with it. I'm glad I didn't now as it was a perfect size for this pattern. I also found this co-ordinating polka dot fabric too, there wasn't quite enough for the back of the sausage but I added a 1cm seam allowance and used two pieces.

Luckily at Christmas my Dad brought me two ginormous bags of sawdust, we were originally going to use it for kindling for the fire but we just haven't gotten round to pressing some blocks yet.

I just have to add that my Dad is so talented and can pretty much make anything with his hands (must be where I get it from). He has made his own kitchen units and doors from scratch and even his bedroom furniture and a tv cabinet, oh yeah and he can also carve rocking horses too!!!! So this is how I came about the sawdust.

So after patiently stuffing both the ham and sausage this was the finished result!! I'm so pleased with them. You do have to pack them really tight with the sawdust but when you've finished you realise why, They need to be sturdy/solid enough like an ironing board if they were saggy then you would get creases in your garments that you dont want.

I love the fact they are very practical but so much fun at the same time....and of course they co-ordinate with the colour scheme of my sewing room, naturally :D

So if you fancy having a go at these yourself this is the link to the pattern:

And this is the link to Elewa's instructions on how to make them:

I hope you enjoy making and using them :D

Have a great Fri-yay!

.....Emma xxx

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

And sew it begins : PJ bottoms

Good morning my lovelies, another glorious day out there. I love Summer :) there's nothing better than sitting in my sewing room creating, other than sitting in my sewing room creating and the sun is shining!!

I have a very large mug of coffee so lets get started before I go and finish some more pen cases and tackle the rest of my to do list (yes I am most definitely keeping myself busy). I thought I'd show you my first Make 9 project. Now I know its a little late in the year to be starting only my first project as I posted about this back in early February, but there is still plenty of time in the year to get the other 8 done for sure!

So first from the list I chose PJ bottoms, mainly because I live out of them (dont judge me, I like being comfy lol). The very lovely Lynne from The Make It Room kindly offered to send me the pattern and instructions that she uses in her classes. If you have never heard of Lynne before pop over and take a look at her website. She runs workshops and courses in dressmaking and sewing, feltmaking, needlefelting, knitting, crochet, lampshade making, rag rugs, painted furniture and d├ęcoupage. I do wished that I lived closer so I could attend all of her sewing classes :(

I bought some beautiful cotton from a shop on ebay which was about £11 for 2 1/2 meters which I thought was really cheap, I didn't want to buy anything too expensive as this was my first project. Once I get a little more back into the swing of things I will be a bit more adventurous with my choice of fabrics. I have my eye on a few :D I bought some elastic for the waist band and already had this beautiful cream ribbon that I bought from John Lewis many moons ago.

I added some length to the pattern as I have very long legs so 6" extra was necessary! And that was it I was ready to get going!!

This was the first time in a long time since I had used an over locker. It is ridiculous how excited I was to thread it up and over lock something. Although it had been ages since I had used it I still managed to thread it up like it was only yesterday. I could have literally spent all day just over locking stuff (yes I need to get out more).

Anyway I did manage to prise myself away from the over locker to actually sew them together and start sewing the casing for the waist band. My one mistake was that I ran out of the thread and had to use two different colours, if you look carefully at the photo below. But I dont think I will ever notice!!

I started to get a real pang of excitment once I started feeding the elastic in for the waist band.....they were actually looking like a garment!! 

I hemmed the bottoms and added the ribbon...........
.........and this is how they turned out!!!!!

I couldnt be happier with my first make. In fact I was a mix of emotions of 'why the hell have you not been doing this all along' and I was so proud that I had made something that I could wear! 

These wont be the last pair I make...I have already ordered some more fabric to make my next pair. They were so easy to make, Lynne's instructions were so easy to follow and the fit was perfect.

It has really fuelled my passion for sewing again, I feel like I just want to spend every single day sewing!! So if anyone can find me a permanent job where I can sew all day then please let me know lol.

I'm already planning my next two projects and cant wait to get started.....

Emma xxx